『 物と人への想い 』
“ ジュエリーをデザイン制作する上でのポリシー ”  


“ 見えない事象、概念のデザイン ”


装うを目的とした世界には普遍的なデザインなるものが存在するが、自然界の造形(美)の進化するもの しないもの、どちらの要素も含んでいると思う。





“ 身につけてくれる人への想い ”






『 On objects and people 』
Design philosophy  

Beauty, the essence of all things in nature ; that is the source of my creative process which grows and is translated into my works.

Unseen processes as a design concept

The essence of natural Beauty is not always in accordance with the times. In a world which aims for superficiality, some designs are ubiquitous but these are not all the elements of Beauty in its essence. To sublime these elements into these ubiquitous designs leads to, I think, the idea of timelessness.

unbrillare gives great importance to raw materials and techniques, unbound by jewelry’s conventions ; this while pursuing designs that aspire to the hidden essence of beauty.

About the wearer

It is all about making one happy and comfortable wearing unbrillare ; so that everyday in all situations one would be satisfied.

To ensure continued satisfaction of the wearer whether it be through after care or maintenance, communication with our customers is essential for us.



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